I Wonder…

I Wonder…

October 9, 2008

I wonder if Smith Travel Research has any numbers about how greener hotels are performing against their competitive set?

I wonder why the majority of hotel owners seem to think about the cost of green and not the public relations, human resource and enhanced property value benefits of green?

I wonder if the hospitality industry will seek green as a more cost effective way of doing business in this soft economy?

I wonder if any other hotel companies will feature “green” on their home pages besides Marriott International and Wyndham Hotels Group?

I wonder if consumers understand that some hotel companies place sustainability or green under Corporate Responsibility, Social Responsibility, About Us, or Programs on their Web sites?

I wonder why pioneers like Wen-I ChangDennis QuaintanceDeirdre WallaceWalter IsenbergRauni Kew and many others “get it” and how they got there?

I wonder how many media impressions the Gaia Hotels and The Proximity Hotel will generate in 2008?

I wonder what the annual turnover rate is in greener hotels vs. other hotels?

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