Looking For A New Source Of Business?

Looking For A New Source Of Business?

December 30, 2008

In this economy that may be a silly question, but the answers are not. One source that others are tapping is the green meetings market.

As an example, 30,000 attended the recent GreenBuild convention in Boston.

How do you tap into this source of business? As a member of the Green Meetings Industry Council I suggest you send a senior sales manager to the GMIC’s annual “Greening the Hospitality Industry Conference,” scheduled for February 24 – 26, 2009.

I attended the conference last year in Vancouver as a speaker and stayed for all of the educational sessions. This year, one session alone could be worth the cost of attending for hoteliers. Kimpton Hotels, Fairmont and Marriott all have green meeting packages and programs. Why not learn from those that have already blazed the trail?

Consider this session:

10:30a Concurrent Sessions: Hotels As Leaders of Sustainable Change
Within today’s economic crisis, how do hotel chains evaluate supporting a sustainable image? Is there continued ROI with going green or is this only a marketing tactic that fades when the economy takes a turn? Will the meeting organizer have to pay the price for hotels to go green?  Learn from leading hotel chains and meeting organizers why energy efficient strategies and a long term commitment to sustainability are not only cost effective but also critical to the future of the meetings industry. Presenters include Kimpton Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Marriott International. The session will be moderated by Steve Faulstick, Portland Doubletree Lloyd Hotel.

I suspect some of you would say, “We did not budget for this.” You may also ask: How much business will result from a pursuit of this segment and/or how much will we lose if we don’t get started with this market segment?

Helpful Hint: Look at the companies that send representatives. Are any of these your customers? Could they be your customers?

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