Every Opportunity Is A Green Opportunity

As it is my habit, I often look at upcoming conferences to see if there is an opportunity to push the green agenda.

I came across one that had the curious title of “Events and Sustainable Development.” I called  the organizer to suggest that as hotels probably hosted a majority of events  they might like to include a segment on the role of hotels. Their reply was “ most of our participants will be from the government and local municipalities and it really is not relevant.” I asked what involvement the hotel had with the event and found out “they will be supplying organic food and have set up an organic garden.” What a lost opportunity. Is this all the hotel does for the environment, for climate change?

I happened to know that this particular hotel had some wonderful programs. Somehow there was a disconnect.

There is so much information available for green meetings and hotels are in a great position to raise awareness and indeed raise the bar. The banquet and events department could market their green commitment as part of their services. Not only does this put the hotel in a good light, but it will give the participants an indication of what can be done by a public or private organization.

Make every opportunity a green opportunity.

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