A Cleansing Experience

Pet Rocks, Chia Pets, Beanie Babies and The Heavenly Bed. Every once in awhile an idea or product comes along which causes you to slap yourself in the forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”Well, in my opinion, you can add Clean The World to that list. I have to admit that when I first read of this idea which involves sending used hotel soap to Third World Countries, the “show-me” (I live in Missouri) surfaced in me. In these trying economic times how could this concept possibly survive much less thrive?

Well, this past Tuesday before the beginning of the Florida Green Lodging Conference I spent a couple of hours at the Clean The World location processing “lightly used” hotel soap for shipment to Haiti and other less fortunate countries. Here is a video on the program.

It was an eye-opening, if not “soul cleansing,” experience.

This group appears to have all the passion and commitment necessary to keep this endeavor prospering for years to come.

They have been getting a lot of media attention and support of their efforts from hotels in the Orlando area and beyond.

For more information visit their Web site at www.CleanTheWorldFoundation.org.

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