Branded Amenities & Amenity Fixtures – A Savvy, Sustainable, Solution

Experience the Difference

Marietta Hospitality is North America’s Original Hotel Amenities Supplier, offering turnkey manufacturing, development, and design of Hotel Guest Amenity Products.

Marietta Hospitality, a division of KIK Custom Products, is dedicated to quality manufacturing practices and strictly follows the industry’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) in its FDAregistered facilities.

Our core competencies include:

• High-performance skin & hair care product
development and manufacturing
• Bar soap manufacturing
• Bottle & tube filling
• Formulation and bulk compounding

Eco-Friendly Elegance

Aquamenities has created the first sophisticated soap shampoo dispenser fixture designed to provide your property a refined solution to reach
your sustainability goals.

Our tamper-resistant fixture allows you to feature your choice of branded and customized amenities for your luxury guest, elegantly limiting your carbon footprint, enhancing the guest experience, and increasing your bottom line.

Savvy Sustainable Solutions

What is Pineapple Hospitality and What Do We Do?

• We are a distribution and marketing company unlike any you have previously known. We are small, but nimble and responsive. We focus on products and services that deliver higher levels of guest satisfaction, increased profitability, while balancing environmental and social responsibility.
• We provide innovative and profit enhancing products
• We propose, provide and execute energy and water efficient projects.
• We provide “Green” marketing programs and Environmental Marketing/Consulting.

Why Amenity Fixtures?


• Zero Waste – Gallon containers and Cardboard boxes are reusable or recyclable.
• Reduced Carbon Footprint – Less Natural resources used in the manufacturing and transportation of Gallons vs. individual amenities.


• Guests enjoy the convenience of using amenity fixtures
• Guests appreciate branded amenity products – They want to know what they are using. Greater perceived value.
• Guests recognize the environmental benefit


• Cost savings of 30-70% vs. same quality in individual packaging
• Example – Beekman 1802:
• Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash each cost $0.37 – total $1.11 vs. $0.38 P.O.R. for all 3 products in an amenity fixture. (Based on $27.50 per gallon x 1.5 oz usage p.o.r.)

Aquamenities Fixture Features

• Created in the USA from high quality stainless steel, our patented tamper resistant locking system allows for zero access to the product by the guest
• The unit has a quick change-over feature, a simple turn of the proprietary key will unlock and lock. Bottles are replaced easily (average bottle change-over occurs 17 times per year)
• Bottles have a custom view window so that housekeeping only has to check the window and change when appropriate (a half-full bottle is not visible to the guest)
• The fixture is mounted to the walls using proprietary adhesive tape, created by 3M, not requiring screw mounting, reducing the possibility of damage to your walls
• All of our bottles may be customized to the amenity brand, with your logo, or another design of your choice
• The sleek, elegant design measures 1.5 inches in depth – taking up very little space in your
showers. One, two, three and four bottle room size fixtures are available, plus a larger format fixture designed for spa use

Aquamenities Dispensers

Local Hotels Support Dispensers

Brands Have an Impact

Paul Mitchell at Marriott CFRST

• Currently testing in CFRST DC area hotels
• “Trusted Brands” are adopting dispenser systems as alternative method to deliver the experience
• Positive guest satisfaction and cost savings have been indicated based on preliminary “insight” reporting

Brands Embracing Dispensers

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