Pineapple Hospitality Provides Eco Friendly Amenity Dispensers/Fixtures

Whats the deal with eco friendly amenity dispensers/fixtures?

More and more hotels have been ditching the tiny, disposable amenity bottles and making the switch to a more eco friendly option: amenity dispenser/fixtures. As a eco conscious company, we believe it is important to do our part to reduce plastic waste. Pineapple Hospitality is proud to provide multiple lines of amenity dispensers as well as gallon sized options to the industries best eco friendly amenity lines. By using dispensers that mount to the wall and refilling with gallon sized shampoo, conditioners, and body wash, hotels are saving money as well as decreasing the amount of plastic used. Gallon sized amenities also saves on packaging waste. Pineapple Hospitality has a vast selection of amenity lines that also offer their product in gallon sized options. These are cost friendly and are compatible with most amenity dispensers/fixtures.

Read more from the Wall Street Journal. 

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