Legislation Calls for Eco-Friendly Amenity Dispensers Over Single-Use Plastic Bottles

California assembly members want to eliminate the use of small, single-use plastic amenity bottles by California lodging establishments. The proposed bill would result in any “lodging establishment” that offers sleeping room accommodations to turn to a more eco-friendly alternative: amenity dispensers/fixtures.

As an eco conscious company, Pineapple Hospitality believes it is important to do our part to reduce plastic waste. The switch to dispensers and gallon sized amenity options would drastically reduce the amount of plastic used. By using dispensers that mount to the wall and gallon sized shampoo, conditioner and body wash, hotels are saving money as well as decreasing the amount of plastic containers and packaging waste being used.

By shopping Pineapple Hospitality’s eco-friendly amenity dispensers and gallon sized amenities, you’re doing your part to save the environment.

Read more about the eco-friendly legislation that aims to eliminate use of small, single-use plastic amenity bottles.

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