California Plastic Straws Legislation to Protect Environment Sustainability

California plastic straws are out. California is implementing a new law this year, which will prohibit “full-service” restaurants from providing single-use plastic straws to customers. The purpose of Bill 1884 is to bring awareness to the damage that single-use plastic straws have on our environment.

This legislation is not banning plastic straws completely. Restaurants will be able to provide single-use plastic straws to customers upon request. However, the hope is that this legislation will bring realization to customers on the harms that plastics, particularly single-use plastic straws, have on our landfills, waterways and oceans.

As an eco-friendly supplier, Pineapple Hospitality supports California’s leading legislation. We offer bamboo straws as sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastic straws. Bamboo straws are made with renewable and sustainable resources.

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